Does Your Internet Service Provider Suck?

Does Your Internet Service Provider Suck?

Reports have shown that Internet Service Providers are not providing the bandwidth you are paying for. About 85% of the people are using the broadband for different applications.

Normally, American spends around 20 hours a week, sitting in front of the computer and using the internet. Whether you want to download a movie or song, find out some informational texts, doing office work, playing games and likewise other things, you definitely require internet to do that.

Technology is developing day by day and started getting faster and cheaper. Here, comes the role of Internet Service Provider (ISP). In many areas, ISPs hold the monopoly related to internet services.

Thus, the users do not have any choice and do as ISPs says. They don’t have to face any challenge and fixed the prices as per their choice. Sometime, they create the plan according to our requirements.

Does it seem logical? No, right! Moreover, after giving so much money, we don’t get the speed that we want. It takes a lot of time to reload one page.

But, why we not like their work?

  1. Dissatisfaction

The prime reason of abhorrence is that they are not able to provide satisfactory results. Nor even, they deliver the internet as per the speed.

  1. The way they treat

In a recent survey, it is found that ISPs have scored very badly. The survey is dependent on the score of the call center satisfaction results.

  1. Practice monopoly

In the market, there are varieties of internet available. Despite this, ISPs do not provide all the deals. There are around 30 million subscribers who roughly use 30% of the broadband market.

  1. Prices is ripping you off

ISPs set the prices according to the companies and region. Thus, it starts causing the burden on the pocket of the users.

Because of all the above reasons, your existing service starts sucking you off. As per them, it’s not the fault of the service provider; it’s you who are using more of it. In this condition, they give you an idea to upgrade the plan and in the greed of more speed you change your internet plan. All this brings extra penny in the pocket of ISPs.

When we dig out the problem, it all lies in powerful companies that mark an influence. Internet Service providers have strongly opposed the rule of net neutrality. This is so because they cannot get the extra money from the companies.

In this competitive world, it has become a major business and people are not getting what they want. Thus, it plays a vital role in someone’s life. Thus, it becomes very heart wrenching when the web providers are not able to offer high speed internet. It becomes such a tease when the internet runs at a very slow speed.

Why actually they do this? Due to the slower services, definitely they are going to lose their customers. But, they have a better plan to show and make us to switch to the described one that cost more than you previously have.

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